Interrupted Couple Pose

Best for stories, this is a couple pose of a couple being interrupted while doing their thing.

You’ll need to use moveobjects on and hold down the alt key to place them correctly. They start on the floor, so to move them up to a bed, you have to use OMSP by granthes found on Mod the Sims.





18 comments on “Interrupted Couple Pose

      • Awesome thank you! I don’t use the list in game I prefer typing them in because my list is SOOO long now it takes forever to load up lol 🙂 I REALLY love her expression in this!

  1. Thank you very much! This pose is hilarious. You always make the sims’ expressions so well, they look vivid and lively! 🙂 -Aamu

  2. First time ever commenting on a pose. But omg this is 100 percent perfect for a scene in one of my legacies. Seriously, completely, utterly perfect. Now I wish I were further along in it just so I could take the picture. Cause this pose defines the beginning of their relationship when there’s a teen in the house that has the misfortune of walking into awkward situations. XD
    I might put the couple in this pose anyway and get a picture anyway. :I And have it as my laptop background >_>
    (Love all your poses btw!)

  3. Ummmmmmmmmm………..Oh yeah the male pose whenever I try using it the male will just stand still and won’t move/do the pose

    • It’s a pose player problem, not my poses.
      Check and see if you typed in the code correctly. If you’re not using a code and you’re clicking it on the list or you did type it in correctly, just reselect the pose.
      If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to tell you.

  4. I fixed it
    (Also it’s not letting me reply to the comment)
    it wasn’t working when I used the list
    but I typed it in and it worked

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