Here is where I’m going to have all the poses I’ve created up for download. I’m calling my pose creator name:

Cobalt Rose Productions

If you are interested in requesting a pose or pose pack or there is something wrong with the download links, please let me know. Also, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

All of my poses are pose list enabled unless specified otherwise.

The couple poses require you to use moveobjects on and hold down the alt key to place correctly. Some require OMSP by granthes (found on Mod the Sims) to place them on a bed or couch.

Without further ado, here are the poses I’ve created thus far.

A Sultry Affair Pose Pack (Mature Content)

Venomania Pose Pack (Updated) (Mature Content)

Masculinity Pose Pack

Mother’s Love Pose Pack

Boy Love Pose Pack

Motherly Instincts Pose Pack

Marilyn Monroe Pose Pack

Goalie Pose Pack

Bath Time Minus Water Pose Pack

Child’s Play Pose Pack

Gone With the Wind Pose Pack

Young Love Pose Pack

Elegant Spine Pose Pack

Cute Couple Pose Pack

Friendship and Fun Pose Pack

Child Pose Set

Rose Romance Pose Set

Submit To Me Pose Set

Miscellaneous Poses

18 comments on “Poses

  1. Oh my Goodness, I’m really sorry it doubled commented, my internet crashed, so I thought I’d have to resend it. Didn’t mean to spam you! And thanks sooo much!

    • No problem at all!
      It’s a coincidence that you commented because I just finished your pose pack. I still have to take pictures and add it to the pose list (assuming nothing goes wrong when I’m testing them in game) but they should be up by tomorrow! 😀

  2. Ah, Duke of Venomania with Gakupo! I love that song! 😀
    With that being said, how soon would you be needing these? I’m not taking requests right now, but I think I could squeeze these two in…

  3. hi i just found yur website around an hur ag and am already in love with yur creations! I was wondering if you still take requests and if you do is there any chance you could make a pose pack on a game of charades. i really think this could be a fun pack and would coe in handy for a series im wrking on.But i understand its tricky and if you cant or dont want to make it i understand. thanks and keep up the hard work

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